Our strategic directions

Our Strategic Directions focus on all aspects and stages of life:

  1. Community: Journeying and growing together as disciples in the context of our cultures, along the path that Christ shows.
  2. God in all of life: Seeking God in each part of our lives, we want to see Him in ourselves and in our community, our living becomes wholistic
  3. Partnering: Joining with our faith community and wider society as we serve together.
  4. Work & Business: Engaging in the marketplace with integrity and faithfulness impacting, people and the environment with Christ.
  5. Rethinking Influence: Reconsidering how we engage in a changing world, so that we may communicate with relevance.

Our projects

The key focus of Interserve projects is fullness of life for all. Our field partners are involved in the nurture of young adults, women and people on the margins, through education, health, community development, inter-cultural awareness and environmental sustainability.


Interserve works with young adults as they transition out of orphanages. A team of trained social workers and peer mentors work alongside these young adults giving them Life Skills to equip and assist them to find safe housing and further education.


Interserve focuses on marginalised children by conducting tuition classes, computer skills training, youth camps to provide value education and scholarship programmes for students to attend secondary & tertiary education. We also encourage and enable school drop-outs to continue their studies from Open University.


Our Community Development projects provide health and community seminars, literacy classes and agricultural training.  Our economic development project provides funds for setting up shops and small businesses as well as business mentoring. We provide literacy classes and social awareness activities as well as quiz competitions and  annual sports and cultural programmes for prisoners. 


 We focus on Primary Health Care and Training, conducting medical check-ups and health camps in villages and urban slums. We empower people by teaching them basic hygiene and enabling them to have their own healthcare system.  Health Care Training develops a team to treat simple ailments. 


We provide counselling to women who come with pain, disappointments, struggles, anger, and rejection. Personal visits are made to senior members and the sick. The team continues to support and help them in their needs to restore them to a normal life.


We have been actively involved in relief work during this pandemic period. Efforts have been made to help the needy people in Delhi, Pune, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Malkangiri and Salem. Food packets to migrant labourers and provisions to the needy people in the slums are being done during this period. Interserve hopes to continue this ministry and to seek resources for this effort.


We live and serve among people of all religious faiths in India which is the most linguistically and ethnically diverse country in the world. Interserve shares experiences and expertise through workshops and seminars on intercultural awareness. We run a talk show and online discussion group looking at various issues relating to Bhakti, a life of devotion in the Indian context.


This project includes Caring for the Environment, Sustainable Banking, Green Businesses, Organic Terrace / Backyard Farming for healthy living. The project is backed & supported by our partners, veterinarians, engineers, public health experts who can also assist in creating awareness among churches, organisations, societies and homes.

Our resources

Knowledge & skills grow when shared. Interserve has been blessed with experience in several domains, and we would love to engage with you in learning and discussion in these areas.

  • MentoringInterserve provides opportunities where you can walk alongside those further along the journey.
  • ArticlesReadings to help us think about our world.
  • SeminarsLearning and becoming involved to become catalysts for transformation.
  • Training resourcesCertificate courses to help you advance your skills & effectiveness.
  • BooksInterserve and its partners have written books & booklets which are available for sale.